Project Evaluation and Funding Criteria

The applicant will explain how the project meets the criteria developed by the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and adopted by the Redmond City Council.

Tourism Promotion
Meet the basic state requirements for tourism promotion? Promote a positive image for the City? Promote the City as a destination place? Attract visitors, build new audiences, and encourage tourist expansion? Increase awareness of the City’s amenities, history, facilities, and natural environment? Support regional tourism planning?

Benefit to the Community
How will this project/event benefit the residents of Redmond? Does this project benefit the overall community, rather than specific segment or interest?

Is this project/event unusual or unique? Does it move an existing program in a new direction?

Community Support
Does the project/event have broad-based community appeal or support? What is the evidence of need for this project/event in the City?

Evidence of Partnership
What kind and degree of partnership does the project/event exhibit? Is there volunteer involvement, inter-jurisdictional, corporate, business and/or civic organization support?

Other Funding Sources
What other revenue sources will be used to support this project/event?

Previous and Replacement Funding
Is this funding request for a new project/event or to continue or expand on-going project/event?

Scale of Project
Is the project of a scale suitable for this funding program? (i.e. scale should be of a size to have an impact on increasing overnight stays and/or generate local business revenue, location could be near multiple businesses that would benefit from the project)

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2. Project Evaluation and Funding Criteria
3. Weighted Scoring of Grant Applicants
4. Project Budget
5. Memorandum of Understanding - City Contract
6. Reporting - Project Summary Report
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