What is the City’s role in HTH?

The City recognizes that homelessness is a regional crisis that cannot be addressed by a single city on their own. Therefore, Redmond is one of many cities in the region supporting King County as a partner in a regional solution. Redmond’s role will include processing permits and providing public safety just as the City does throughout Redmond. In addition, the City will participate in the evaluation and selection of the operation and service providers, and referral of residents through our Homelessness Outreach Program. The City will advocate for our community so that this program can be effective for those experiencing homelessness while maintaining public safety, economic stability, and allowing everyone in our community to thrive.

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1. Who purchased the Redmond Silver Cloud Inn for a Health Through Housing facility?
2. Did the County require approval from the City to purchase and locate a HTH facility in Redmond?
3. What is the intended use of the Silver Cloud Inn building?
4. What is the City’s role in HTH?
5. Does the Redmond Zoning Code (RZC) allow for this use of long-term or transitional housing in this location?
6. When did the City learn about the County’s desire to locate a HTH facility in Redmond?
7. Why doesn’t the City stop this project?
8. : Did the City recruit the County to locate a HTH facility in Redmond?
9. When did the Mayor’s Office make City Council aware of this program in Redmond?
10. Are there homeless people in Redmond?
11. Why did the City not require community outreach?
12. Will the City be involved in choosing and monitoring an operator for the facility?
13. How will the City ensure safety for the community?
14. Will the City forbid use of drugs and alcohol at the HTH facility?
15. Will there be a community meeting?
16. Will the City consider making it illegal to camp or sleep outside in public spaces?
17. What is an interim official control that the Redmond City Council adopted on August 17, 2021?
18. How does the interim official control change the process that existed when the County purchased the Silver Cloud property under the HB 1220 legislation?
19. Will the City Council hold a public hearing regarding the interim official control?