What is a Special Event?

A "special event" is defined as any activity including, but not limited to: a fair, festival, concert, demonstration, rally, performance, show, parade, run/walk/cycle, or other publicly attended activity, entertainment or celebration which is held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property, streets, sidewalks, trails, walkways or on other public rights-of-way, or if occurring on private property, will nevertheless affect, impact or interfere with the standard, ordinary and normal use of public property by the general public within the vicinity of such event and/or requires the use of city services. The Special Event Permit process enables the City of Redmond to schedule adequate services such as police escorts, traffic control, sanitation, electrical support or other needs required to ensure a safe and successful event.

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1. What is a Special Event?
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4. What are the reasons for denying a Special Event Permit?
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