Is there an appeals process?

The flyer or letter you received is to alert you of your intersection visibility obstruction and of your responsibility to keep this area clear as stated in the Redmond Zoning Code and is not subject to appeal. If it becomes necessary to serve you with a formal code enforcement order, then this order would be subject to appeal to the City Hearings Examiner. However, please be aware that this appeal would only be to decide if your intersection visibility area is obscured and not to determine if the code requirement is valid.

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1. How do I determine the Intersection Visibility (formerly, Sight Triangle) on my property?
2. Do large trees or fences have to be removed?
3. Will the city cover the cost of this work?
4. Why am I being notified now?
5. Can I install a convex mirror instead of removing the visual obstruction?
6. Why wasn't this issue addressed when the home was developed?
7. Is there an appeals process?