Why is Redmond considering implementing bike share?

Redmond’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) envisions improved travel choices to provide mobility. One option to achieve this strategy is to implement bike share to improve access to bicycles. This will:    

         1.   Provide bicycles for short trips: Convenient access to bicycles will enable short trips to be taken by bicycle instead of by car. This may potentially be a significant number of trips. The average trip length for all trips in Redmond is 2.2 miles or approximately a 15-minute bicycle ride.

         2.   First/last mile connections to transit: Certain bus or light rail trips are not competitive with car travel because the first mile to transit (e.g. home to bus stop) or the last mile from transit (e.g. bus to office) is too time-consuming. Bike share could provide bicycles near offices, transit stops, and homes (where appropriate) which can reduce the first/last mile trip time to 5 or 10 minutes. This will make transit time competitive with a car for certain trips thereby improving travel choices.

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