Who decides the name of the building?

The City Council designates the name of public parks and park or recreation facilities per Resolution No. 1516. The City Council will make its selection after receiving a recommendation from the Redmond Parks and Trails Commission, based upon public input from individuals and organizations. 

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1. How are parks and recreation facilities named?
2. Who decides the name of the building?
3. What was the community outreach and involvement for determining the name of the building?
4. What is the name of the building?
5. What is the definition of a significant or landmark tree?
6. How many trees will be removed, impacted, and retained from the project site and what is the city doing to mitigate the impacts?
7. How many trees will be replaced?
8. What precautions will be put in place to limit impact to the trees remaining on-site?
9. How was the number of replacement trees calculated?
10. What is the replanting plan after construction of the building is substantially complete?
11. Will the pickleball courts at the Municipal Campus be open throughout construction?