How was my information stolen?

Types of Theft

Your information can be taken from many outlets. Included is a list of the most common ways your information could have been stolen.

Mail Theft

Identity thieves often obtain banking, tax or medical information by stealing mail.

Car Prowls/Burglary/Other Theft

The same documents stolen from the mail can be targeted by burglars. Stealing purses and wallets from shopping carts or during car prowls give identity thieves access to victims’ information as well.

Dumpster Diving

Suspects rummage through trash looking for banking, tax or medical information that contains personal information.

Electronic Data Breaches

Identity thieves may target individual victims with “phishing” emails, pretending to be a legitimate business emailing a customer to convince the victim to reveal personal information. Other times suspects hack into businesses’ systems to obtain information on large numbers of victims at once.

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