How do I participate if I own land in a receiving area?

As a property owner in a receiving area, the first step is to acquire transferable development rights. That can occur once you have agreed to the terms of purchase and sale of Transfers of Development Rights TDRs with a sending area property owner, and the conservation easement and a deed memorializing that transaction have been recorded. Contact Jason Rogers for a list of potential TDR sellers.

Next, you may submit an application to develop your land together with notation describing the development proposed, the zoning classification of the property, the amount and serial number of the development rights used, how the development rights are proposed to be used, and a notation of the recording number of the conservation easement on file with King County.

Using TDRs on your development should not add to the total project review time. However, the amount of time it takes you to find a willing TDR will vary based on market conditions. It may take only a few days, or it could take months.

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