Can I operate more than one business out of my house?

Yes, providing that these additional businesses adhere to the home business regulations and do not impact the neighborhood.

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1. Where can a home business be located?
2. Can I operate more than one business out of my house?
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4. Can a home business store goods, materials, or products outside their home?
5. Do I need to occupy the home where my business is located?
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7. Does the City restrict certain materials from entering my neighborhood?
8. Can a home business build an illuminated storefront entrance or display a sign?
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10. Can I operate an auto repair business out of my home?
11. Is there a limit on the number of business vehicles I can operate in my home business?
12. Who reviews home business licenses?
13. How do I know if the type of business I want to start is allowed in my home?
14. How can I apply for a home business license?