What are the water and wastewater rate drivers?

The City of Redmond provides water and wastewater services to our customers. To ensure continued dependability for users, water distribution and wastewater conveyance systems must be maintained, upgraded, and replaced. New facilities must also be provided as additional demands are made on these systems. The cost of providing these services is recovered through connection charges and rates. More customers means lower rates per customer.

Approximately 65% of the water consumed by customers in Redmond is purchased from Cascade Water Alliance with the remainder coming from the City's own wells. King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division charges Redmond to treat the wastewater generated from our customers. Their wastewater treatment rates are passed directly to our customers. These regional costs make up a significant portion of our customers' water and wastewater charges.

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1. What are the water and wastewater rate drivers?
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