What is tree preservation?

Tree preservation, quite simply, is protecting trees from damage or removal during construction. Tree preservation involves careful site planning to avoid compaction of soil around tree roots that may extend well away from the trunk of a tree.

Trees have a great deal of financial value, from increased property values to various environmental benefits. Trees stabilize the soil and control water pollution, yield advantageous microclimatic effects which conserve energy, preserve and foster air quality by removing carbon dioxide (C02) and airborne pollutants, abate visual and noise pollution, and provide a natural habitat for wildlife. They also provide welcome shade to people and add color and interest to the urban landscape. Trees provide a psychological boost to urbanites. People are generally more satisfied with their neighborhoods if there are trees. Workers are more productive and hospital patients recover faster if they can see trees outside their windows. The benefits of established trees in our communities are subtle and often overlooked.

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