What are miscellaneous business licenses?

A "miscellaneous" license is also known as a regulatory or temporary license, which is separate from and in addition to a general business license. Regulatory licenses are required for the following business/activity types:

  • Adult Entertainment Facilities
  • Cabaret Dances
  • Carnival, Circus, and Amusement Activities
  • Master Event License
  • Music Boxes
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Peddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers
  • Public Bathhouses
  • Public Dances and Dance Halls
  • Shooting Sports Facilities
  • Tow Trucks

Most regulatory/miscellaneous licenses are valid February 1 to January 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed annually. Please reference the specific portion of the Redmond Municipal Code Chapters 5.05 - 5.80 for complete details if you operate one of the business types outlined above.

For peddling, soliciting, and canvassing each person going door to door must obtain a license, submit a copy of their driver’s license, and agree to a background check. The approval process for a Peddler, Solicitor or Canvasser License takes approximately two weeks and an issued license is required prior to going door-to-door. 

If you have any questions or would like a regulatory/miscellaneous license application sent to you please contact the City of Redmond at 425-556-2193 or businesslicense@redmond.gov.

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