Parks & Recreation



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Parks Operations and Maintenance Phone: 425-556-2322

Name Title Email Phone
Aken, Jeff Planner-Sr. 425-556-2328
Anderson, Scott Maintenance Lead 425-556-2804
Angevine, Meg Parks Maintenance/Operations Supervisor 425-556-2385
Boggs, Marty Recreation Program Administrator 425-556-2397
Everson, Christin Engagement Administrator 425-556-2367
Fraser, Katie Recreation Program Administrator 425-556-2350
Hagen, Jeff Recreation Program Manager 425-556-2312
Hamilton, Loreen Deputy Director 425-556-2336
Hite, Carrie Parks & Recreation Director 425-556-2326
Johnson, Cindy Outdoor Program Administrator 425-556-2393
Kuhnhausen, Quinn Maintenance and Operations Supervisor 425-556-2716
O'Neal, Eric Parks Maintenance/Operations Program Administrator 425-556-2325
Pratt, Brittany Recreation Program Administrator 425-556-2315
Rayner-Shepard, Darcey Parks Maintenance/Operations Supervisor 425-556-2335
Skipton, Lee Ann Facilities Manager 425-556-2398
Tuchek, David Parks and Facilities Maintenance/Operation Manager 425-556-2318
Weber, Chris Cultural Arts Administrator 425-556-2316


15670 NE 85th Street
Redmond, WA 98052

Redmond, WA 98052

425-556-2900, option 7