Budget Priorities

Every two years the City conducts a robust community-based effort to review its financial picture and the resources needed to fund key City services. This is done through an inclusive process known as Budgeting by Priorities. Through the City’s “Your City Your Choice” campaign community members are invited to evaluate the kinds of programs citizens value most by choosing the top three programs under each of the six City priorities.

  1. Clean & Green
  2. Diverse &  Connected Community
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Responsible Government
  5. Safety
  6. Vibrant Economy

Clean & GreenClean & Green

I want to live, learn, work, and play in a clean and green environment   

Budgeting Process

  1. Request for Offers
  2. Glossary

Requests for Offers 

Request for Offers are used as the basis for City departments to develop their budget offers detailing:

  • How they propose to contribute to the priority 
  • How much it will cost 
  • How success will be measured

All Requests for Offers include an Outcomes Map as well as the Objectives and Outcomes against which the Results Teams rank the offers. The following links show the 2019-2020 Requests for Offers:

Clean & Green

Diverse and Connected Community


Responsible Government


Vibrant Economy