Downtown Parking Management Strategic Plan


Project Purpose

Downtown Redmond is transforming. In the coming years, we will have more residents, visitors, commuters and employees Downtown. New private developments are anticipated, the Downtown Park opened in 2018 and light rail will arrive in 2025. Parking management will remain vital to the success of Downtown Redmond as it grows into a vibrant destination and livable neighborhood in its own right. Learn more about parking Downtown.

Redmond Requests Community Input on Downtown Parking

The City of Redmond sought information from the community, through an online questionnaire, on your experience with parking in Downtown Redmond. The questionnaire was open though March 22, 2019. The questionnaire was part of the broader efforts related to developing a Parking Management Strategic Plan for Downtown Redmond.

In addition to the questionnaire, a parking inventory was conducted in March. The volunteer Parking Advisory Committee and City staff will incorporate the results of the questionnaire and parking inventory as part of the Existing Conditions Report – the first phase of the plan – and will share these results with the community in the spring of 2020.

Downtown Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers representing a broad cross-section of the community including residents, business and property owners, employees, commuters, and frequent visitors to downtown, among others. Committee members will be directly engaged with staff, consultants, and the community to help shape parking management policies and strategies for Downtown Redmond.

Parking Management Strategic Plan

We are currently in the fourth phase of this four-phase plan:

  1. Existing Conditions Report.The Existing Conditions Report will be the foundation on which subsequent phases are based upon and would be made up of two primary components: 
    1. Provide planning and policy context for parking in Downtown Redmond by identifying past planning efforts and existing policies and regulations that influence the management and creation of parking today.
    2. Survey and inventory existing parking resources and the management of those resources.
  2. Identify Opportunities and Constraints. With the benefit of the findings from the Existing Conditions Report, opportunities and constraints will be identified.
  3. Develop a list of actionable recommendations. Recommendations will be informed by the preceding work of Phases 1-2. The community is invited to provide feedback for any potential changes in how we manage our downtown parking resources. Review the Downtown Parking Story Map that goes over the results of the study, and then provide your feedback via the link at the end.
  4. Implementation Plan. The recommendations will be developed into an implementation plan. Implementation may be broken into categories such as near-term, mid-term, and long-term. The implementation plan will provide the road map for future decisions impacting parking Downtown.

Advisory Committee Meetings

Public Meetings

February 18, 2020 City Council-Staff Report on Existing Conditions Report

March 10, 2020 City Council-Study Session on Existing Conditions Report and Draft Strategies

July 14, 2020 City Council-Staff Report on Implementation Plan

September 15, 2020 City Council-Adoption of Implementation Plan (LINK)