Bear Creek

Neighborhood Map highlighting Bear CreekBear Creek is one of Redmond's most diverse neighborhoods in terms of land use mix. It is located in the eastern part of the City, bounded roughly by the slopes of Education Hill on the west, the City limit on the north and east, and Bear and Evans Creeks on the south. Its name derives from Bear Creek, a salmon-bearing stream that flows through the neighborhood. The neighborhood totals 489 acres, or 0.76 square miles - about 4.5% of Redmond's land area.

The Bear Creek neighborhood is characterized by residential areas to the north and west, resource lands in the center of the neighborhood, and park uses along the eastern boundary of the neighborhood. The neighborhood's residential uses include detached single-family homes, manufactured homes, a retirement community, and apartments and condominiums. Business uses include retail and service establishments near the intersections of Union Hill Road, Avondale Road, and Avondale Way.