Willows & Rose Hill

Neighborhood Map highlighting Willows & Rose HillThe Willows/Rose Hill neighborhood is located in the northwest part of Redmond. It is bordered on the east by Willows Road, on the north by NE 124th Street, on the west by 132nd Avenue NE, and on the south by Redmond Way/NE 85th Street.

The Willows/Rose Hill neighborhood totals about 1.8 square miles, or a little over 10 percent of Redmond's land area. As of mid-1999, roughly 4,100 people lived in this neighborhood and by the year 2012, about 900 more people are expected to live here. The neighborhood also includes 2.2 million square feet of office, industrial, and retail space along the west side of Willows Road in which about 5,200 people work.