Heritage Restoration and Preservation Grant Program

Funds from this program may be used to support projects that promote the preservation, restoration, and long-term maintenance of Redmond's historic resources. This grant program provides funds to organizations or individuals that own or control interests in historic structures. It seeks to ensure that structures and sites are brought back to a condition or remain in a condition that will illustrate the heritage of Redmond now and into the future. 

Goals of the Heritage Grant Program

  • To promote and encourage continued maintenance and prevent deterioration of historic structures or sites that conveys a sense of the City's heritage and creates a sense of place. 
  • To promote and encourage continued maintenance and prevent deterioration of historic properties that convey a sense of the City's heritage and create a sense of place. 
  • To promote and encourage restoration of altered historic properties to a condition that is in keeping with their original design and period. 
  • To maintain the viability of historic properties to function for use as a business or housing. 
  • To enhance the economic vitality of the City, especially in the Downtown, by encouraging thriving businesses in existing historic properties by encouraging tourism, and by lessening impacts associated with demolition.

Assistance with an Application

Applicants are requested to contact staff prior to preparing an application to confirm eligibility for funding. Applicants may also wish to discuss general questions, problems, and budget specifics. Heritage Program staff will review draft applications on request and offer feedback. 

Ensuring the Viability of Designated Landmarks

Redmond Zoning Code (RZC Appendix 4. Historic Landmarks Care and Restoration) requires maintenance and restoration standards to prevent deliberate or inadvertent neglect of the significant features of historic landmarks and to guide the restoration of historic features.  This portion of the Code includes:

  • The owner, lessee, or other person legally responsible for a historic landmark or its maintenance shall maintain the structure and site to prevent deterioration and decay of structural integrity; and
  • Guidelines for the care and restoration of historic resources.

Please contact Kimberly Dietz with questions regarding the code requirements, their implementation, and potential grant and other funding assistance.