Idylwood Park

Idylwood Park

Location and Existing Conditions:

This 17-acre park is located on the northwestern shores of picturesque Lake Sammamish and features a swimming beach, including a bathhouse and restrooms. Park goers can launch car-top boats from the park’s small ramp, spread out and play a game in the large open space, fish from a pier or the beach, or explore Idylwood’s playground area. Picnic shelters and picnic tables are also available. Idylwood Park is the only free recreational access on Lake Sammamish. As a result, the park is enjoyed by more than 42,000 visitors during the summer. 

History and Planning:

This park was acquired by the City in parcels between 1994 and 1996. In 2004, the City worked with the community to prepare the Idylwood Park Opportunity Plan, which identified the community’s values relating to the park and opportunities and challenges in future development of the park. To date the following projects have been completed that were identified in the plan: 

  • Refined pedestrian circulation, access to parking, and nature paths. Paved and unpaved pathways were added to the park.
  • Separated potentially conflicting uses. The pathways help direct people to the key areas of the park including the: north lawn and picnic shelter for picnicking; fishing pier, beach and boat launch on the north beach; meadow and beach where more active recreation and swimming occur; and Idylwood Creek and the forested natural areas.
  • Defined the balance between park use and the natural environment and preserve the trees and wetlands. The forest and forested wetland and in the south and southwest areas of the park and Idylwood Creek (2002) have been restored and preserved. The Green Redmond Partnership cares for the forested areas within the park.
  • Demolition and removal of existing house was completed.
  • Developed recreational amenities such as two picnic shelters, a playground, and two sand volleyball courts. These facilities were constructed in 2005.

Next Steps:

In the 2004 Opportunity Plan, the community identified the following important projects in that plan that have yet to be completed and may be funding by this levy:

  • Renovate the existing concession and restroom building and explore the feasibility of a water activity building within the park (i.e.; programmable space and/or meeting space, boat storage, maintenance support area, deck or patio).
  • Increase on-site parking to 80-90 spaces and manage parking lot surface drainage to enhance water quality. Provide access to “car top” non-motorized boat launch area.
  • Reinforce the pedestrian crossing at 177th Ave NE and West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

More than 20 years later, these facilities are now in dire need of replacement. The concession and restroom building replacement is a necessary structural and safety improvement and an opportunity to consider inclusion of water activity amenities in the building. 

The following drawing is a concept for new restroom, concession, and activity building, which could also include outdoor seating and would be scaled and designed to fit the site.

Idylwood Park Concessions Concept