Southeast Redmond Park

Help Plan the Future SE Redmond Neighborhood Park!

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2023 Master Plan:

Master Plans lay the groundwork for the future development of a park.  These plans typically include suggested amenities and a proposed layout of a future park.  City of Redmond staff will be working with the local community to identify the types of activities that would be prioritized at the park and provide direction on the design of the park as part of 2023 Master Planning process. While no Master Plan yet exists, some neighborhood planning has solicited some early input on the park.  Once completed, the Master Plan guides the budgeting, design, and construction of the park project. 

Location and Existing Conditions:

Southeast Redmond Park is a 3.2-acre undeveloped parcel of land that is a “blank slate,” with little vegetation or topographic change. This park is located between 188th Avenue NE and 191st Avenue NE, primarily fronting NE 67th Street. It is an important buffer between an industrial area and a residential area. This is considered a "neighborhood park," which is intended to serve the surrounding neighborhood of residents and employees.  Neighborhood parks are typically accessed by walking and biking, do not include restrooms, and reflect the needs and interest of the surrounding community. 

History and Planning:

The property was acquired in 2002 with plans to acquire more land from Cadman Gravel in the future. However, this opportunity is not in the short term horizon and there is demand from the residential neighborhood to develop the park. There is a small privately developed and maintained park in the neighborhood with a playground, but insufficient green space for walking, cycling or more active play. The closest publicly-owned park to the Southeast residential neighborhood is King County’s Marymoor Park, a 1.5 mile walk away. Southeast Redmond is a growing neighborhood with more than 4,000 residents.

Next Steps:

Once the Master Plan is adopted by Redmond City Council-likely in early 2024- staff will begin the process of budgeting for the design and construction of the neighborhood park.