Westside Park

Westside Park is under construction!  Construction kicked off on May 24, 2021.  Ohno-Touchdown JV was awarded the construction contract at the April 20, 2021 City Council Meeting. Construction is expected to last through the summer and into fall of 2021.  

The preferred concept for Westside Park was selected in March 2020 and is beginning construction in May 2021.  Community input reflected a desire for nature play, walking loops, a picnic shelter and both a sport court and pickleball. 

Westside Preferred Concept

For more information contact Jeff Aken, Senior Park Planner, at jaken@redmond.gov or 425-556-2328

Location and Existing Conditions:

Westside Park is a 47 year-old neighborhood park in the Overlake Neighborhood. It is in the northeast, residential section of the neighborhood. The 6.4-acre park is accessible to pedestrians from three directions: 

  • 156th Avenue NE
  • NE 59th Way, and
  • West Lake Sammamish Parkway NE—through the Bridle Crest Trail

Existing recreation features include a small playground, open ball field, half basketball court, and open space. The park’s current condition provides limited recreational opportunities due to poor drainage and outdated or inadequate play equipment. Westside Park is immediately adjacent to the Bridle Crest Trail, which also includes a forested ravine and steep slopes.

History and Planning:

The park was acquired by the City in 1968, and developed in the 1970s. A master planning process was undertaken in 2009 to update the park, and included extensive input from residents in the neighborhood. The master plan included the adjacent Bridle Crest Trail, as the two park properties are so closely related. 

The park is both a neighborhood destination for activities and an important connection in Redmond for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. The inspiration for the master plan for Westside Park came from the site itself and includes trails suitable for the three user groups. The rolling, forested site influenced the character of the features and activities, as suggested by the neighborhood. 

Proposed Park Elements:

  • Improve the open lawn play space. Drainage will be improved to accommodate activity throughout the year. The play lawn will be bordered by a paved loop path, making the entire site accessible year-round. 
  • Replace and enhance the playground, adding more play features, and move to a central location in the park. 
  • Replace the sports courts, pickle ball and basketball court or multi-purpose court, and ensure properly draining playing surfaces.  
  • Add a picnic shelter and zip line if budget allows.

Next Steps:

Construction is underway.  The renovation should be completed in the fall of 2021.