Downtown Park

Welcome To Downtown Park

Every great city has a signature place that serves as a destination, an icon for the city, and a catalyst for economic growth. The Downtown Park is a place for community members to gather and celebrate. It hosts vibrant special events, cultural arts programs, and recreational activities. The enhanced pedestrian environment in and around the park stimulates economic activity in the neighborhood. 

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Downtown Park is two acres and provides plenty of plaza space, electricity, and on-site amenities to support large-scale community events, which was a community priority when planning the park.  The park has more than 2,000 plants and 117 trees, which will provide more than half of the park with tree canopy when matured.

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  3. Getting To The Park

Picnic, play, or rest in the great lawn, cool off in the splash pad, enjoy a bit to eat with friends, and so much more. Downtown Park offers a place for the community to gather, celebrate and play. Plus the following the amenities: 

  • Raised great lawn, deck and trees
  • Splash Pad
  • Buoyant - a pavilion with a water wall used for commissioned light shows, performances or shelter from sun or rain
  • Gardens and trees
  • Plaza
  • Dining grove
  • Restrooms 
  • Drink Fountain