East Redmond Corridor

Master Plan Drawing of ERC


The East Redmond Corridor Master Plan is a comprehensive vision for the collection of all City of Redmond parks and properties in the Bear and Evans Creek valleys and shows how they can be seamlessly interconnected with one another.

Seven park areas are included in this Master Plan, including:

  • Juel Park
  • Farrell McWhirter Park
  • Bear and Evans Creek Trail and West Perrigo Trail
  • Olson McWhirter Connector (future)
  • Conrad Olson Farm
  • Arthur Johnson Park
  • Martin Park

The master planning process included an assessment of each park space, its unique character, environmental assets, potential trail locations, and historic and cultural features. A future vision was developed for each site through a public process. This vision will provide guidance for future decisions as each park undergoes design and development. The Master Plan was adopted in June 2009.

East Redmond Corridor Labeled Park Map