Climate Resiliency & Sustainability in Vegetation Management

Meadow 3

Project Overview

The project aims to develop a comprehensive Vegetation Management Plan, focusing on climate-resilient and sustainable green infrastructure design and management. In May 2023, the City began accepting bids from consultants to help develop this plan. A consultant, Herrera Environmental Consultants, Inc. was chosen in July 2023, and work on the plan began in August 2023. The consultant is collaborating with the City, guided by a project team comprising various City departments. The plan aims to enhance climate resiliency and environmental stewardship in vegetation management practices, including tree canopy expansion, rewilding, and modifications of maintenance practices.

Project Timeline

  • Plan development began in August 2023 and is slated for completion in February 2024.
  • Following completion of the plan, actionable items will be implemented in 2024. If additional funding is necessary to implement portions of the plan, a budget request will be submitted during the 2025-26 budget process.