Utility Permit

What are Utility Permits?

  • Water Meter Permit: All connections to the City of Redmond water system require an approved Water Meter Permit for water meter installation. Single-family, multi-family, commercial, or industrial structures and multifamily, or industrial irrigation uses must be served by at least one water meter to determine consumption. 
  • Side Sewer Permit: All connections to the City of Redmond sewer system require a side sewer application. Repairs, terminations, and modification work on existing sewer service lines also requires a side sewer permit. Contractors must be active on the Side Sewer Contractor Roster. Further information is provided below on how to register.
  • Hydrant Use Permit: A Hydrant Use Permit is issued for short-term water for construction, demolition, landscape, and other special water uses. For commercial use, applicants must have a City of Redmond business license to obtain a permit.  Check or Cash Only, we cannot take credit cards for deposits

How to Apply

Please submit a complete application to Development Engineering via email.

Whats it going to cost?

View potential fees on the Development Services Fees page.