Coordinated Civil Review

What is it?

Civil construction drawings are detailed engineering documents that are required for improvements to a particular site. Civil construction drawings are reviewed through the Coordinated Civil Review Process (CCR). This review process results in a Civil SITE Construction permit though which the improvements are constructed, inspected, and accepted. If the project went through Land Use review and approval, the project must have a draft approval letter before applying for CCR.

  1. Prepare
  2. Apply
  3. Review
  4. Build


See the Redmond Municipal Code and the Redmond Zoning Code to determine the standards that will apply to your project:

RZC 21.76.020 Overview of the development process

Water & Wastewater Design Requirements (PDF)

Horizontal Control Notebook (PDF)

Vertical Control GIS 

Standard Details

GIS maps

What is it going to cost?

View potential fees on the Development Services Fees page.

Bond Estimates (required for first CCR submittal):

Bond: Construction Estimate Form for Final Plat or Short Plat Performance Bond (EXCEL)

Bond: Construction Estimate Form for On-Site Performance Bond (EXCEL)

Bond: Construction Estimate Form for Right-of-Way Performance Bond (EXCEL)