BelRed Family Resource Center

Conditional Use Permit File Number LAND-2016-01036

Upgrade the interior of a single family dwelling for use as a women and children’s homeless shelter with a maximum total occupancy of 40 persons. The shelter is an associated accessory use to the Creekside Covenant Church for which it shares a property line with and underlying Conditional Use Entitlement for a religious facility. 

View the Notice of Public Hearing (PDF).

Meeting Location

2321 173rd Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052


View the BelRed Family Resource Center Agenda (PDF).


  1. Exhibit 1 - City of Redmond Technical Committee Report (PDF)
  2. Attachment 1: Notice of Application Certificate of Public Notice and Public Notice (PDF)
  3. Attachment 2: Notice of Application Public Comment Letters (PDF)
  4. Attachment 3: Responses to Public Comment Letters and E-mails (PDF)
  5. Attachment 4: Follow-up Questions and Responses to Public Comments (PDF)
  6. Attachment 5: Neighborhood Meeting Comment Cards (PDF)
  7. Attachment 6: Responses to Neighborhood Meeting Comment Cards (PDF)
  8. Attachment 7: Notice of Public Hearing and Certificates of Posting (PDF)
  9. Attachment 8: Additional Operation Information and Details (PDF)
  10. Attachment 9: Pictures of Current Structure (PDF)
  11. Attachment 10: Traffic Study (PDF)
  12. Attachment 11: Planning Conditions Site Plan (PDF)
  13. Attachment 12: Code of Conduct (PDF)
  14. Attachment 13: Completeness Letter (PDF)
  15. Attachment 14: General Application Form (PDF)
  16. Attachment 15: Vicinity Map (PDF)
  17. Attachment 16: Plan Set (PDF)
  18. Attachment 17: Neighborhood Meeting Notice 1 (PDF)
  19. Attachment 18: Neighborhood Meeting Notice 2 (PDF)
  20. Attachment 19: Stormwater Report (PDF)
  21. Attachment 20: Supplemental Information and Data Submitted by Applicant (PDF)
  22. Attachment 21: Parking Agreement (PDF)
  23. Exhibit 2 - Staff Power Point Presentation (PDF)
  24. Exhibit 3 - Additional Public Comment Received Before Hearing (PDF)
  25. Exhibit 4 - Previous Permits (PDF)
  26. Exhibit 5 - Additional Comments Submitted before and through the End of the Hearing (PDF)
  27. Exhibit 6 - Written Public Comment Provided by Speakers at Hearing (PDF)
  28. Exhibit 7 - Comment Submitted After Hearing (PDF)
  29. Applicant's Response (PDF)
  30. City Attorney's Letter to Hearing Examiner (PDF)
  31. Response to Neighbor's Comments (PDF)