Housing, Homelessness & Human Services

Redmond strives to be a strong community in which all residents have access to services and opportunities needed to thrive.

The City of Redmond’s Housing, Homelessness and Human Services Division works toward achieving a socially sustainable community. This means ensuring the existence of a stable human services infrastructure able to respond to growing and shifting demand for service. A strong human services infrastructure will demonstrate capacity to ensure availability of services, equitable access, and measurable impact. In addition, Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan encourages a variety of housing types to meet the needs of residents of all ages, abilities and levels of income.  To address housing needs, the City utilizes a variety of land use tools and incentives as well as partnerships with other organizations to continue to expand the supply and variety of affordable housing.

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Through the Comprehensive Plan, the community has expressed that it values encouraging the provision of a variety of housing choices for people of a variety of ages and incomes. The City has adopted policies in the Housing Element of its Comprehensive Plan that speak directly to those values, and has set in motion a number of initiatives consistent with them.

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