New Site Development

Types of New Site Development

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  • Find your property information to determine what is allowed for your zone and your property by referencing the Redmond Zoning Code
  • Use the Redmond Zoning Code to determine the development standards are for your zone
  • Use Redmond’s Parcel Viewer to locate potential environmentally critical areas


Applications and Forms

Applications and permit intake checklists will need to be downloaded and filled out from our Applications and Forms page.
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  • To ensure you have all the documents needed, It is best to start by reviewing the checklist of the permit you would like to apply for.

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Types of New Site Development

Administrative Modification (PDF)

Approval of an Administrative Modification is required to modify any final approval on a project, excluding any approvals granted by passage by an ordinance or resolution of the City Council and request to revise a preliminary plat.

A proposed modification or addition will be reviewed as an Administrative Modification, if the modification meets the following criteria:

  • No new land use is proposed
  • No increase in density, number of dwelling units or lots is proposed
  • No change in location or number of access points are proposed
  • No reduction in the amount of landscaping is proposed
  • No reduction in the amount of parking is proposed
  • No increase in the total square footage of structures to be developed is proposed
  • No increase in height of structures is proposed to the extent that additional usable floor space will be added

A modification that does not meet the criteria above, but does not add more than the lesser of 10% or 6,000 square feet of gross floor area, may be reviewed as an Administrative Modification.

Conditional Use Permit (PDF)

A conditional use is a use which may be appropriate on a specific parcel of land within a given zoning district under certain conditions, but which is not appropriate on all parcels within the same zoning district. A Conditional Use Permit allows the City to consider the appropriateness of the use on a specific parcel in terms of compatibility with other uses in the same zone and vicinity and to impose conditions to ensure such compatibility.

Development Agreement (PDF)

A Development Agreement is an agreement entered into between the City and individual property owners and/or developers. Development Agreements usually identify the types and intensity of uses proposed, and are typically requested by property owners to provide certainty and predictability with respect to required mitigation, infrastructure and applicable regulations that will apply to identified properties over a certain period of time. Development Agreements are not an instrument that allows deviation from code requirements.

Master Planned Development (PDF)

The purpose of a Master Planned Development (MPD) is to allow for development to occur in phases and provide long-term guidance for a large area so that the continuity of the overall development is maintained. This can occur where coordination of public facilities is needed, to determine how best to develop an area, to integrate various uses, and/or to coordinate multiple ownerships into a unified development. The resulting approval will be in consideration of a high level, conceptual development plan for a large site. Subsequent entitlement reviews (Site Plan Entitlement, Conditional Use, Preliminary Plat, etc.) will include further analysis for code compliance and determine the location of all structures, utilities, roads and other site features in preparation of civil construction drawing review. 

Site Plan Entitlement (PDF)

A Site Plan Entitlement is required for any public, semi-public, or private proposal for new construction or exterior modification to a building or site, including multifamily, commercial, industrial, utility construction, expansion, or exterior remodeling of structures, parking, or landscaping, where the proposed use is shown as permitted in the applicable permitted use chart.

Variance (PDF)

A mechanism by which the City may grant relief from certain regulations, where practical difficulty renders compliance with the provisions of that code an unnecessary hardship, where the hardship is a result of the physical characteristics of the subject property, and where the purpose of that code and of the Comprehensive Plan can be fulfilled.