Streams & Habitat

Photo of a stream in a forested areaRedmond’s streams, the Sammamish River, and Lake Sammamish are amazing resources.  The City works hard to promote healthy streams and restore habitat.

Recipe for healthy streams


  • Clean and cold 
  • Enough flow in the summer
  • Too much flow causes erosion

Shrubs and Trees

  • Trees shade streams, keeping water cool
  • Plant roots hold back soil, preventing bank erosion
  • Falling leaves provide food for stream bugs that fish and other wildlife eat


  • Help create different habitats for stream creatures: pools, glides, and riffles
  • Are a source of food for stream bugs

Fish and Wildlife

  • Bugs: Healthy streams have lots of aquatic insects
  • Fish: lamprey, pike minnow, trout and salmon
  • Other wildlife: otters, beavers, song birds, herons, ducks, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, and more…