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Types of Property Divisions

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  • Find your property information to determine what is allowed for your zone and your property by referencing the Redmond Zoning Code 
  • Use the Redmond Zoning Code to determine the development standards are for your zone
  • Provide the location of critical areas on the submitted plans


Applications and Forms 

Applications and permit intake checklists will need to be downloaded and filled out from our Applications and Forms page.
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To ensure you have all the documents needed, it is best to start by reviewing the checklist of the permit you would like to apply for.

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Types of Property Divisions

Binding Site Plan (PDF)

A division of land and is limited to:

  • Divisions for the sale or lease of commercial or industrial zoned property.
  • Divisions for the purpose of lease when no residential structures other than mobile homes or travel trailers are permitted to be placed on the land.
  • Divisions of land into lots or tracts made under the provisions of the Horizontal Properties Regimes Act (RCW Chapter 64.32) or the Condominium Act (RCW Chapter 64.34).

Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) (PDF)

A division of land made for the purpose of alteration by adjusting boundary lines, between platted or unplatted lots or both, which does not create any additional lot, tract, parcel, site, or division nor create any lot, tract, parcel, site, or division which does not conform to the requirements of this title.

Subdivision - Preliminary Plat (PDF)

The division or redivision of land into 10 or more lots.

Subdivision - Short Plat (PDF)

The division or redivision of land into nine or fewer lots.