Transportation Documentation Library

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Bicycle Facilities Design Manual (PDF)

The 2016 Bicycle Facility Design Manual is a design guide to be used to help engineer bicycle projects in Redmond. It is intended to help ensure consistent design of bicycle facilities and acts as a detailed supplement to national bicycle design guides such as those provided by AASHTO and NACTO.
August 2016
Bicycle Wayfinding Design ManualThis Bicycle Wayfinding Design Manual functions to ensure a consistent approach to bicycle wayfinding system design and design standards. Topics include bicycle wayfinding goals, the design approach (with details such as design user, destinations, and routing), design standards, and additional bicycle wayfinding treatments.
March 2015
Downtown East/West Corridor StudyThis document outlines the east-west corridor of Redmond Way and Cleveland Street downtown and the updates and reasoning to turn them into two-way streets.February 2009
Gilman Street Concept DesignThe document identified a conceptual design for Gilman Street that sets the basis for a set of standards, concurrent with the city’s vision, for the future redevelopment street.
December 2014
Local Transit Study Final ReportThis document outlines a methodology to assist the City and Metro with changes to the transit service network and investments in services hours in the future. Specific project goals are to identify opportunities to strengthen and develop the local transit network, define local transit markets, develop a methodology to measure local transit demand, and lay out the tactics to re-design transit service to meet local transit needs.
May 2010
NE 40th St Corridor StudyThis document outlines the improvements needed for NE 40th Street.
January 2010
Overlake Village Street Design GuidelinesThe Overlake Village Street Design Guidelines identifies the standards necessary for development of a successful new neighborhood that includes the planned Overlake Village light rail transit station.
April 2011
Redmond Overlake Access Ramp Interchange JustificationThe purpose of this interchange justification report (IJR) is to investigate the operational feasibility of constructing an interchange modification to the 148th Avenue NE interchange on State Route 520 (SR 520). This justification report is prepared based on guidelines identified by the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT’s) Chapter 550 Interchange Justification Report of the Design Manual M 22‐01.06.
February 2011
Redmond Way/Cleveland Street Couplet ConversionThe focus of this study is to evaluate transportation conditions before and after the completion of the Couplet Conversion. The analysis compares traffic volumes, travel times, and collision data before and after the Couplet Conversion and compares current traffic data with the 2030 forecasts from the Downtown East/West Corridor Study (2008). The study also documents the process to construct the improvements, describes lessons learned during construction, and looks at future opportunities to improve Downtown transportation.
July 2019
Red-Wood Road Corridor Study Staff Report

This memo is to provide an update to the Mayor and Council on staff recommendations for the Redmond-Woodinville Road Corridor Study. Staff reviewed three alternatives for the Red-Wood/109th intersection (3-lane, 3-lane with northbound right turn lane (NBRT), and 5-lane) and discussed impacts to surrounding properties.

April 2008
SE Redmond Transportation Study ReportThe purpose of the Greater Southeast Redmond Area Transportation Study is to complete two action items identified in the 2005 Redmond Transportation Master Plan (TMP): 1) a study of overall connection needs in the Union Hill and Novelty Hill corridors, and 2) a freight goods and activity study. This study also addresses preliminary design of NE 76th Street, required as part of the Union Hill Corporate Campus Development Agreement (Taylor/Costco).
March 2010
Transportation Impact Fee Technical ReportThis document describes the basic concept behind transportation impact fees in Redmond and provides a detailed review of the methodology used to calculate them. The methodology described in this report was adopted by the Redmond City Council on August 19th, 2014.
August 2014
Transportation Master PlanThis document guides the plans and projects for the City of Redmond Transportation Planning and Engineering Department. More information can be found at the Transportation Master Plan Webpage.2013