Redmond Bike & Scooter Share

Image of Bike Share App on a Device


The City has issued a pilot permit which will allow companies to operate bike and scooter share on Redmond right of way. Applications were due on May 14th. See the “materials” section below for more information.


Bicycle and scooter sharing support the City’s vision in the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to improve travel choices and mobility. One strategy to accomplish this goal is to provide “abundant access to bicycles through a rental bike share program.” Electric scooter sharing, which was not available when the TMP was adopted, is also consistent with this vision since scooters operate similar to bicycles (comparable operating speeds and use of bicycle infrastructure, such as bicycle lanes), and will help to solve similar transportation needs. Bicycle and scooter sharing will help to support a multimodal transportation system, including first/last mile trips to transit, to achieve Redmond’s transportation vision. 

Image of a Bike Share Route Short Trips

Convenient access to shared bicycles and scooters will enable more short trips to be taken by bicycle and/or scooter instead of by car. This may be a significant number of trips because the average trip length for all trips in Redmond is 2.2 miles or approximately a 15 minute bicycle or scooter ride. Trip examples include an office to lunch or an apartment Downtown to an office on the Willows Road/Redmond Central Connector corridor.

Transit Connections

Certain bus or light rail trips are not competitive with car travel because the first mile to transit (e.g. home to bus stop) or the last mile from transit (e.g. bus to office) is too time consuming. Bike and scooter share can provide bicycles and scooters near offices, transit stops, and homes (where appropriate) which can reduce the first/last mile trip time to 5 or 10 minutes. This will make transit time competitive with a car for certain trips thereby improving travel choices. 


The application and contract are available in the following hyperlinks:

Redmond Bike and Scooter Share Pilot Permit Application

Redmond Bike and Scooter Share Pilot Contract

In addition, Redmond has adopted the following bike and scooter share fee schedule:

 Bike and Scooter Share Permit Fees

Bike and scooter share will be authorized as a right-of-way use permit. This permit is non-competitive and allows vendors to operate so long as they successfully complete the City’s application process. The pilot permit will allow for bike and scooter share use from May 2019 until May 2020.

Hard copy submittals are now being accepted at Redmond’s Customer Service Desk and are due by May 14th.

How to Bike and Scooter Share 

Keep bike share fun and safe by: 

  • Wearing a helmet. Bring your own, attend a vendor helmet give away event, or contact Redmond Police at (425) 556-2525 for a new helmet and helmet fitting for a $10 donation.
  • Following applicable traffic laws, some of which include:
    • Ride bicycles and scooters in bicycle lanes, on trails, or in the roadway. Bikes and scooters operate at much higher speeds than pedestrians so please help keep Redmond a safe and comfortable place to walk by riding bikes and scooters in bicycle lanes, on trails, or in the roadway.
    • Yielding to pedestrians, whether on sidewalks or trails. If passing a pedestrian remember to leave a recommended minimum of 3 feet of separation and pass at lower speed, such as a slow jog.
    • Park and store bicycles and scooters properly (see below)

How to Park

Ensure that the bike or scooter is parked out of the pedestrian path of travel and ensure it is standing upright. The diagram below shows general areas to park.

Bike and Scooter Parking Diagram

Do park any of the following locations:

a) At a bike rack

b) In the furniture zone (see green in diagram above)

c) In zones marked for bike and/or scooter share parking via marks on the ground and/or via information in the vendor application

Do not park bikes and scooters:

a) In a vehicle lane, bicycle lane, or trail

b) Within the pedestrian clear zone (see red in diagram above)

a. Generally, a 6-foot-wide clear pedestrian area is required in urban areas and a 5-foot clear pedestrian area in residential neighborhoods

c) In sidewalk café seating areas

d) Blocking Americans with Disability Act (ADA) access such as handicap parking stalls, sidewalk ramps (see red above next to crosswalk), the pedestrian clear zone, accessible pedestrian signal buttons (enable users to find and to request street crossings), or other ADA facilities

e) Blocking use of fire hydrants, fire protection systems, benches, parking pay stations, bus stops and shelters, transit information signs, crosswalks, doorways, entryways, or driveways

f) At King County Metro-owned or Sound Transit-owned facilities, unless otherwise designated by agreement with King County Metro or Sound Transit

g) In areas deemed to be unsafe as determined by the City of Redmond

h) In areas designated by the City as bike share no-parking areas (will also be reflected in vendor application as no-parking)

i) On any private property unless such property owner has granted the operator permission to locate bikes or scooters upon their private property

What to Wear

Wear clothing that allows for safe operation of the bicycle or scooter. You may want to consider wearing brighter clothing, particularly at night time or in the rain, such as a yellow jacket or clothing with retroreflectivity.

Visit to view short videos on the basics of biking. Some videos, such as rules of the road and fitting a helmet, also provide information that can be applicable to scooter use.

Information for Drivers

Bike and scooter share is anticipated to increase the number of people riding bicycles and scooters in Redmond. These vehicles are allowed and encouraged to operate in the roadway, in bicycle lanes, or on trails because they travel at much higher speeds than people walk on sidewalks.

If you are sharing the lane with a bicycle or scooter treat them like other vehicles: slow down to their speed and then consider passing, leaving a recommended minimum 3 feet of separation, when it is safe to do so.

Bike and Scooter Share in the Puget Sound Region 

As of April 2019, several cities in the region have launched bike and/or scooter share programs. Redmond’s neighbor, City of Bellevue, launched a bike share system in summer of 2018 and neighboring City of Kirkland plans to launch bike share later in 2019. Larger jurisdictions with systems include City of Seattle, with a bike share system, and City of Tacoma, with a scooter share system.


If bike share comes to Redmond and there is an issue, citizens would be asked to contact the bike share provider. Contacts will be provided when operation begins.

The City's contact for this project is Peter Dane, Planner. Peter can be reached by email