Rose Hill Cottages

Project Overview

The project includes the construction of 28 detached cottage residential units.  The subject site is currently undeveloped. The proposed cottages are located on a 10.85-acre site. Each of the 28 detached cottages are two stories in height and will be accessed from an extension of NE 112th Place. Cottages will be built around common open spaces areas.

Project Number:  LAND-2017-00727

Project Type:  Site Plan Entitlement

Project Information
Notice of Decision dated 02/25/21 (PDF) 
Neighborhood Meeting 09/20/17 (PDF)
Notice of Application 08/09/17 (PDF)
Geotech Critical Areas Addendum (PDF)
Geotech Critical Areas Revised (PDF)
Geotech Eng and Hydro Revised (PDF)
Geotech GeoEng Third Party Letter (PDF)
Geotech Slope Modeling (PDF)
Geotech Slope Stability (PDF)
Geotech Slope Stability Buffer Letter (PDF)
Greenforest Tree Health Report (PDF)
Greenforest Tree Health Report Revised (PDF)
Kirkland TIA Analysis Memo (PDF)
Plan Set (PDF)
Power Line Exhibit (PDF)
Storm Drainage (PDF)
Summary of Changes (PDF)
Traffic Letter (PDF)
Traffic Report (PDF)
Watershed Critical Areas (PDF)
Watershed Critical Areas Addendum (PDF)
Watershed Delineation (PDF)