Redmond residents can assist in preventing pollution of our water resources by enacting a few easy steps and habits. Keeping pollutants out of the environment is good for fish and people, and helps keep Redmond’s drinking water supply clean.

Please continue reading for ways on how YOU can make a difference:

  1. Natural Yard Care
  2. Vehicle Maintenance
  3. Household Waste Disposal
  4. Heating Oil Tanks
  5. Green Cleaning

Bee-Natural Yard Care

Overuse of lawn pesticides and fertilizers contaminates our rivers, lakes, and groundwater.

Learn to grow a healthy lawn that looks great year ’round while protecting Redmond’s water resources. 

  1. Mow higher, mow regularly, and leave the clippings on the lawn (“grasscycle”).
  2. If needed, fertilize moderately in September or May with a “natural organic” or “slow-release” fertilizer.
  3. Water deeply, but less frequently. Or let lawns go dormant in summer.
  4. Improve poor lawns with aeration, overseeding, and compost topdressing.
  5. Avoid using “weed & feed” and other pesticides – use less-toxic alternatives.
  6. Consider alternatives to lawns in shady areas, on slopes, and near waterways.

Download Natural Yard Care guide in English (PDF) or Cuidado Natural Del Jardin (Natural Yard Care) (PDF) to learn more about natural yard care.