Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan

A Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan (CFHMP) is a planning document that: 

  • Gathers information about existing streams, rivers, land uses, and regulations related to flood hazard reduction
  • Identifies goals for flood hazard reduction consistent with the needs of residents, businesses, and neighboring jurisdictions
  • Identifies flood hazards
  • Evaluates alternative solutions
  • Makes recommendations for future projects or program modifications to address these hazards 
  • The CFHMP is produced in accordance with guidance from the Department of Ecology to make it eligible for FCAAP funding

A comprehensive approach to flood hazard management planning ensures that flooding problems are not simply transferred to another location within the basin, but are addressed in a comprehensive, basin-wide manner. 

By developing and adopting this plan, the City of Redmond will most efficiently and effectively use Stormwater Utility fees to construct projects to help prevent impacts from floods. The plan also makes the City eligible for other grants for construction of these projects. By funding projects through grants, the City is able to use utility fees for other projects.

The Department of Ecology provides financial assistance for flood control through the Washington State's Flood Control Assistance Account Program. Visit the Department of Ecology FCAAP site for more information.  

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