All Wood Recycling

Project Overview

This is a Site Plan Entitlement and Shoreline Substantial Development Permit.  Existing site and storm water features are permitted under the previous permit.  No new impervious surface square footage will be added to the proposed scope of work.

Project Numbers:  LAND-2018-00535, SEPA-2018-00671, SEPA-2022-00023 Revision

Project Type:  Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and Site Plan Entitlement

Public Notices
Notice of Decision (PDF)
SEPA-2022-00023 Revision (PDF)
SEPA-2018-00671 (PDF)
Notice of Application Project Details (PDF)

Critical Areas Report (PDF)
Geotechnical Report (PDF)
Joint Aquatic Resources Permit (PDF)
Storm Drainage Report (PDF)