Snow & Ice Response

The City of Redmond Public Works Department, Streets Division, maintains streets within the City. As part of that program, the division conducts snow and ice response to mitigate the conditions during a snow and ice event. View Snow and Ice Response Routes map (PDF).

While the program is designed to provide a safe roadway system, it will not eliminate the impacts or effects of a snow and ice event. 

  1. Resources & Material
  2. Priorities
  3. Routing
  4. Requests

The City of Redmond utilizes:

  • One 1-Ton 400 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Truck/Material Spreader Truck/Plow
  • One 140-Ton Salt Shed
  • One 5-yard truck 900 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Trucks
  • One 5-yard truck Plow/900 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Trucks
  • Three 5-yard truck with Plow/Material Spreader
  • Two 9,000 Gallon CCB Tanks