Snow & Ice Response

The City of Redmond Public Works Department, Streets Division, maintains streets within the City. As part of that program, the division conducts snow and ice response to mitigate the conditions during a snow and ice event. View Snow and Ice Response Routes Map. While the program is designed to provide a safe roadway system, it will not eliminate the impacts or effects of a snow and ice event.

The City’s Approach

Redmond uses a preemptive approach whenever possible. When an overnight freeze is forecast that could result in slippery roads for the morning commute, crews apply liquid calcium de-icer to prevent frost from adhering to the road surface.

If the snow starts falling, the City’s four large snowplows clear arterial roadways while applying mixtures of calcium chloride, road salt and sand, depending on surface conditions. To avoid road closures, we clear one lane in each direction of all priority plow routes before coming back and clearing the rest of the road. Plow routes prioritize access to emergency facilities, schools, and routes in and out of town. 

Neighborhood streets are typically not plowed. If conditions warrant, neighborhood plowing will occur once priority plow routes are completely cleared.

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The City of Redmond utilizes:

  • One 1-Ton 400 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Truck/Material Spreader Truck/Plow
  • One 140-Ton Salt Shed
  • One 5-yard truck 900 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Trucks
  • One 5-yard truck Plow/900 Gallon Liquid Anti-icing Applicator Trucks
  • Three 5-yard truck with Plow/Material Spreader
  • Two 9,000 Gallon CCB Tanks

How You Can Help

  • Avoid driving or plan ahead and allow extra travel time.
  • If traveling, bring warm clothes and emergency supplies. 
  • Review Redmond’s priority plow route map
  • Leave plenty of room for trucks to operate— Material spreaders can distribute sand and de-icers across three lanes at once.
  • Clear the sidewalk in front of your home or business and clear debris away from the road. 

While plowing from left to right is the most efficient way to clear roads, it can result in piles of snow along the edges of roadways. We ask homeowners and businesses to clear these piles from their driveways and private roads so our plows can continue to work efficiently.

Safety Tips

Stay safe during winter weather by being prepared and avoiding dangerous behaviors. 

  • Stock up on food and water.
  • Put new batteries in your smoke detectors and CO alarms.
  • Have flashlights on hand with new batteries. 
  • Never approach or touch a downed wire— Call 911!
  • Never use BBQ grills indoors.
  • Stay up to date on weather information and find more safety tips at