Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at deskReception & Office Assistance

  • Greeter Volunteers meet and greet participants as they arrive at the facility.
  • Front Desk Volunteers staff our reception desk and perform a variety of tasks such as greeting newcomers and distributing information, signing participants up for free programs, answering the telephone, placing reminder calls to participants, and selling tickets for various events and special lunches.
  • Beverage Bar Volunteers make and serve coffee, pour ice tea, and monitor the snack basket. They also provide friendly conversation and help spread information about the
  • Redmond Senior Center's (RSC) programs.


  • Cashier: makes change, tracks participant count and passes out tickets
  • Kitchen Helpers: assist in meal preparation and serving, set and clear tables, and wash dishes

Meals on Wheels

  • Support Volunteer: calls program participants for their order, inventory stock and place order
  • Drivers: sort, pack, and deliver frozen meals to individuals who are unable to leave their home


  • Interest Group Leaders: individuals with skills or knowledge in a specific topic area lead groups, maintain participant lists, and help ensure that all participants sign in