Family Violence Resources

Man and woman looking through a binder


Family and domestic violence is a widespread problem in our society. It can happen to anyone. Batterers and victims come from all:

  • Ages
  • Ethnic backgrounds
  • Genders
  • Religious affiliations
  • Sexual orientations
  • Socioeconomic classes

Responding to Violence

In the past, domestic violence has been mislabeled as a "family matter" and kept behind closed doors. Today it is taken very seriously, and law enforcement and court systems are well trained to respond to these situations.

Many of those being abused are embarrassed about the situation or blame themselves. Remember that the abuser is always responsible. No one ever "deserves" to be beaten or threatened, and most importantly: it is against the law.

Additional Information

It is often hard to admit when a situation is out of control and has crossed the threshold of what can be considered abuse. You may receive assistance by calling our Legal Advocate at 425-556-2668.