Crime Statistics & Analysis

Crime Statistics

Crime statistics are based on preliminary data available and are subject to change or revision if new information becomes available.

Redmond and Regional Statistics

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) publishes reports that summarize the number and types of crimes attempted or completed in Redmond and around the region. Search their data to see arrests made and cases cleared (solved, but not necessarily closed) in the indicated timeframe. An exception indicates a case that was cleared without an arrest.

National Statistics

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
When viewing crime statistics from different sources, you may find the numbers are not consistent. Usually this is due to the definitions used by different agencies when numbers are reported.

Auto Theft Tactical Analysis Center for King County

In 2004, the Redmond Police Department was determined to quell the rising epidemic and formalized its goal of focusing on vehicle prowl and theft reduction. The Auto Theft Tactical Analysis Center of King County (ATTACK) was designed to reduce theft in the area by providing tactical crime analysis, investigative support, and timely information on prolific auto thieves to agencies affected. Today, information is shared with over 325 individuals representing over 60 agencies across four counties.
According to 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data the State of Washington ranks number 1 in property crimes in the nation. Although we continue to enjoy a safe community, the City of Redmond’s property crime rate per 1000 population is now above the state average.

Property crime increases are most notable in the areas of:

  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Motor vehicle prowl
  • Shoplifting

Many of these incidents involve crime patterns covering multiple jurisdictions and are tied to narcotics.

Financial Fraud & Identity Theft Task Force

The success of ATTACK led to the beginning of a similar concept geared towards fraud and identity theft. In 2010, the Greater Puget Sound Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Task Force approved funding for Redmond Police Department to designate a part-time crime analyst to coordinate regional activities related to fraud and ID theft. The Task Force Analyst provides analytical and investigative support to local and federal agencies and facilitates information sharing to reduce this growing problem.