Recently Adopted Zoning Code Amendments

Effective Date
2020 Annual Code Cleanup to Address Clarity and Conciseness of the Code, Ensure Accuracy Between Code Sections and References, and Account for New Conditions Necessary Due to Updates in City, State, and Federal Regulations.  Amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code.Adopted
Ordinance 3028 (PDF); 3029 (PDF); 3030 (PDF); 3031 (PDF); 3032 (PDF)
February 27, 2021Kim Dietz
Clarify Procedures and Create a More Consistent Process for Docketing and Approving Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Ordinance 3010 (PDF)
October 6, 2020Judy Fani
Redmond Zoning Code Clean-up, Phase IIAdopted
Ordinance 2978 (PDF)
November 30, 2019Kim Dietz
Shoreline Master Program UpdateAdopted
Ordinance 2968 (PDF)
May 18, 2019Cathy Beam
Redmond Zoning Code Amendment regarding Wireless Communications FacilitiesAdopted
Ordinance 2964 (PDF)
April 27, 2019Scott Reynolds
Redmond Zoning Code Minor Clean-upAdopted
Ordinance 2958 (PDF)
April 27, 2019Kim Dietz
Comprehensive Plan Map AmendmentAdopted
Ordinance 2950 (PDF)
March 16, 2019Judy Fani
Zoning Code Map AmendmentAdopted
Ordinance 2951 (PDF)
March 16, 2019Judy Fani