Proposed Minor Code Changes

The City of Redmond periodically proposes amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code as part of regular cleanup. These Amendments include corrections such as:

  • References to the Redmond Zoning Code and other regulations
  • Scrivener’s errors
  • Terminology for consistency with federal, state, and local laws

Refer to the Zoning Map (zoning districts across the city) for additional reference when reviewing proposed amendments.


  • September 8, 2021:  Planning Commission's public hearing and continued study session.  View the meeting agenda for timing and participation details
  • August 25, 2021:  Planning Commission Study Session of Technical Committee recommended amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code
  • June 18, 2021:  Proposed minor amendments, providing corrections to development regulations and for concurrency with updated federal and state laws, were initialized for formal review on June 18, 2021 under LAND-2021-00451 and SEPA-2021-00452.
  • April 2021:  The 2021-2022 minor amendment package will proceed through formal review in combination with the Redmond Zoning Code ReWrite - Phase 1.  This combination is for efficiency, providing a comprehensive review of proposed amendments.  

Project Actions and Milestones

Project Actions and Milestones
Date Milestone Action
Q1 2022 City Council Anticipated staff report, possible study session, and action by the City Council
November 9, 2021 City Council Anticipated briefing to City Council's Committee of the Whole -- Planning and Public Works 
tbd Planning Commission Additional dates may be necessary for the Commission to complete their review, make a recommendation, and approve their report to the City Council
October 27, 2021 Planning Commission Study Session
September 22, 2021 Planning Commission Continued Public Hearing and Study Session
September 8, 2021 Planning Commission Public Hearing and Study Session
August 25, 2021 Planning Commission Study Session to begin review and to prepare for its Public Hearing on Technical Committee recommended amendments to the Zoning Code. Planning Commission agenda and materials
June 18, 2021 SEPA Determination, Comment, and Appeal Period The comment period for SEPA-2021-00452 determination of non-significance open from June 18, 2021 through July 2, 2021.
June 2021 Project Initialization for Formal Review Zoning Code amendments initialized in City's EnerGov permitting system to begin formal review (Type VI Permit) process.  Project record comprised of LAND-2021-00451 and SEPA-2021-00452.
April and May 2021 Proposal Reviews The Code Amendment team reviews staff proposals for minor changes to the Redmond Zoning Code.

Become a Party of Record

Submit your contact information including your name, business name, address, phone, and email Kimberly Dietz.  You will receive updates regarding current and future minor amendments to Redmond’s code. (RZC 21.78 Definitions - Party of Record)

Recent Actions

  • 2020-2021 annual minor, non-substantive amendments were made to the Redmond Zoning Code, with City Council's February 16, 2021 adoption. Material currently available via the City Council's agenda package while the ordinances are undergoing final processing and publication. (Ord. 3028 (PDF)) 
  • Phase II of minor, non-substantive amendments was completed in November 2019 (Ord. 2978 (PDF))
    • The City Council adopted the recommended amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code on November 19, 2019.  Refer to the Meeting Information Center for meeting video and minutes.  The City Council’s amendment packet and the Planning Commission’s report provide a comprehensive record of the amendment process.
  • Phase I of minor, non-substantive amendments was completed in April 2019 (Ord. 2958, 2959, 2960, and 2961 (PDFs)).