Proposed Minor Code Changes

The City of Redmond periodically proposes amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code as part of regular cleanup. These Amendments include corrections such as:

  • References to the Redmond Zoning Code and other regulations
  • Scrivener’s errors
  • Terminology for consistency with federal, state, and local laws

Upcoming Actions

  • The City Council began its review of the Planning Commission's preliminary recommendation at its October 8, 2019 Committee of the Whole (Planning and Public Works).  Councilmembers will continue their discussion of the recommendations at their October 29, 2019 study session.  Refer to the Meeting Information Center to view material and recorded meetings.
  • The Planning Commission continues its review of recommended amendments on September 25, 2019. Refer to the Commission's agenda for dates, meeting location, and times.  
    • The Commission's Topics Under Review includes the recommended amendments and the Commission's discussion.
  • The June 24, 2019 proposed amendments to the Zoning and Municipal Codes are being reviewed by the City's Technical Committee. 
    • This reviewing body will make a recommendation to the Redmond Planning Commission regarding the proposed amendments.
  • Phase II of minor, policy-consistent amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code is underway as of June 1, 2019.
    • Request to be a party of record by submitting your contacting information to the staff lead
    • Learn more about the amendments by contacting the staff lead

Recent Actions