Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station Replacement

Project Overview

The City uses approximately 84 pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations to manage water pressure in the City’s distribution system. Many of these PRV stations were built in the 1960s and 1970s and are in need of refurbishment. City staff inspected and evaluated all of Redmond’s PRV stations and generated a list of 27 stations needing rehabilitation or replacement. These stations no longer meet City standards due to pipe corrosion, age, type of materials used, and environmental conditions. Corrosion is the main cause of degradation, but other issues include vault drainage and safe access.

PRV Station replacement will occur in phases. Typical work at each location includes installing a new vault, valves, and piping and restoring all street, sidewalk and landscape within the limits of construction. Most stations are replaced in the same location, but due to construction and maintenance access difficulties, some stations may be relocated.

Phase 2 - Construction Phase 

Phase 2 of this project will abandon and replace seven PRV stations throughout Redmond as shown in the Phase 2 Map. 

The current construction schedule is below:

Approximate Start Month/Status
Preparation work for all seven sites
October 2022
PRV 21 - 10706 181st Ave NE
Substantially Complete
PRV 56 - 132nd Ave NE and NE 93rd St
Substantially Complete
PRV 39 - 7001 NE Old Redmond Road
August-October 2023
PRV 40 - 7575 NE Old Redmond Road
Substantially Complete
PRV 41 - 7939 152nd Ave NE/Redmond Way
September-October 2023
PRV 42 - 8255 149th Way NE
October-November 2023
PRV 49 - 139th Ave NE and Redmond Way and 140th Ave NE and Redmond Way (this station is being relocated)
Substantially Complete


Phase 1 - Complete

Phase 1 of this project, completed in November 2019, abandoned and replaced 10 PRV stations throughout Redmond.