Downtown Parking

Locations and Permits

Public Parking Lot

Adjacent to the Redmond Central Connector, located at 7541 Leary Way NE at the corner of Bear Creek Parkway and Leary Way NE. Users can enter the lot off Bear Creek Parkway. The lot has 92 parking spaces. 

It is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and is monitored Pay-to-Park lot Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Public Parking Lot Fees

Parking TimeFee
0 to 2 hoursFree
Each additional hour$1

Public Parking Lot Mobile Payment Options

PayByPhone AppParkMobile App
Use Location #13869Use Zone #271601
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This lot is managed by Diamond Parking. Parking lot citations will be issued for not paying required parking lot fee during required pay hours. See parking lot “Terms and Conditions” signage at entrance of lot for citation and late fees.

Please email Diamond Parking for more information or call 206-729-0590.

Street Parking Time Restrictions

2-hour parking designations, with some exceptions including 3-hour, 1-hour or 15-minute load/unload, are in effect from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Holidays are considered any time Redmond City Hall is closed. 

Scooters, motorcycles, and vehicles with a properly displayed Disabled Parking Permit are allowed to park on-street all-day and do not require an on-street parking permit, but all are required to move their vehicle every 24 hours, or they are subject to ticketing and towing per Redmond Municipal Code 10.52.110 and 10.04.070.

Monthly On-Street All-Day Parking Permits

A limited number of monthly on-street paid parking permits, allowing all-day parking ONLY in designated extended by permit areas, are available for sale on a monthly basis. Extended by Permit areas are designated with signs that read: OR EXTENDED PARKING BY CITY OF REDMOND PERMIT. Please refer to the Downtown Redmond Parking Map for these locations. Monthly on-street all-day permit parking is restricted to Extended by Permit areas to provide access to businesses and resources for visitors and patrons to Downtown. 

Monthly permits must be visible and displayed from the rear-view mirror. Any other placement is subject to ticketing.

All monthly on-street parking permit holders are required to move their vehicle every 24 hours, or they are subject to ticketing and towing per Redmond Municipal Code 10.52.110 and 10.04.070.

Monthly On-Street Parking Permit Fee

Monthly parking permits are $50 per month. To purchase a monthly permit, email or call 1-800-828-4197.

Parking Violations

Parking time limits are actively enforced by Redmond's contracted parking enforcement agency. Parking enforcement will issue one warning per year, per vehicle. Warning notices state Reason: Overtime Warning. Tickets are issued to vehicles exceeding the maximum parking time. Parking tickets state Reason: Exceeded Time Limit. Parking violations are $29 and payable to the King County Municipal Court. You can pay by phone, mail, or online through the King County Municipal Court and search for the case number by vehicle license, ticket number, or name.
No person may repark a vehicle on either side of the same street in order to extend the vehicle’s parking time beyond the time limits established. A vehicle shall be deemed to be reparked and in violation of this section despite any movement of the vehicle unless the vehicle is moved to a street with a different street name than the street the vehicle was originally parked on. RMC 10.52.105.B. (Ord. 2490 § 2, 2009)


Contact Police at or call 425-556-2500 for towed vehicles.

Snow/Inclement Weather Policy 

The safety of residents, visitors and employees is a prime consideration when determining if on-street time limited parking enforcement should be canceled due to icy conditions and or inclement weather. On-street time limited parking enforcement is canceled when City Hall is closed or when street driving and on-street parking conditions are affected by inclement weather conditions.

Related Ordinances & Resolutions

  • Redmond Municipal Code (RMC) Section 10.52.135
    Authority to establish parking regulations.
  • Ordinance 2476 (PDF)
    Amending RMC 10.52.135, Allowing Traffic Engineer's Designee to Establish Regulations Governing Parking on City Streets, to Revise the Maximum Penalty for Parking Violations to be Consistent with State Law, and to Provide Authority for Parking Permits.
  • Ordinance 2490 (PDF)
    Amending RMC 10.12.010 and 10.12.020, Clarifying the Authority of the Police Chief to Appoint Specially Commissioned Persons to Enforce Traffic Regulations, and the Authority for Adopting Penalties for Traffic Infractions; Adding RMC 10.52.105, Making it Unlawful to Park a Vehicle on a City Street in Violation of a Posted Time Limit.
  • Ordinance 2620 (PDF)
    Amending RMC10.52.135(D) regarding/expansion of Downtown time-limited enforcement zone boundaries, to allow the traffic engineer's designee to expand the enforcement zone to the east to include: 
    • The 65th Avenue NE on the east between NE 85th Street and NE 83rd Street
    • The portion of 161st Avenue NE between Cleveland Street and Bear Creek Parkway
  • Ordinance 2717 (PDF)
    Amending RMC10.52.135 regarding expansion of Downtown time-limited enforcement zone boundaries, to allow for expansion of the enforcement zone to:
    • 166th Avenue NE on the east between NE 85th Street and Cleveland Street on the south
    • 59th Place NE on the west to Bear Creek Parkway on the north
    • Bear Creek Parkway on the south to Redmond Way.
    • Leary Way on the south to 159th Place NE on the west
    • Redmond Way on the north to Avondale Way on the south, Cleveland Street on the south to Redmond Way on the north
  • Resolution 1308 (PDF)
    Adopting a Penalty Schedule for Civil Traffic Infractions Pursuant to RMC 10.12.020.