Redmond is a diverse community that approximately 69,000 people call home and where 87,000 are employed.  People from throughout the region come here to work in industries such as software, aerospace, interactive media and electronics.  As the number of people who desire to live in Redmond has increased, the supply of housing affordable at various levels has not kept pace with the demand.

Planning for Housing

Increased demand for housing in Redmond has resulted in higher home prices and rents.  This in turn has affected the ability for first-time home buyers, workers earning minimum wage and those on fixed incomes to live here.  With a significant increase in population expected by 2050, the City has planned for this growth while maintaining the quality of neighborhoods and by using a comprehensive approach to address a range of housing issues.

Housing Choices

The Community Strategic Plan (October 2019) identifies a number of specific strategies to achieve housing choices for all who would choose to live in Redmond.  Measures include evaluating parking requirements, permitting and infrastructure costs that affect overall housing costs. In addition, strategies are identified to increase the supply of housing close to where people work, shop, play and other services instead of spending time commuting to and from home.

Housing Action Plan

In 2019, Redmond received a grant to develop a Housing Action Plan.  The Plan is currently underway and will identify specific strategies for ways in which the City can optimize housing supply, variety and affordability.  The Housing Action Plan includes an analysis of the existing housing stock, current and projected housing needs and opportunities for housing.  The community’s vision has also been included through a variety of engagement opportunities.  This information will help the City to develop strategies to address current and future housing needs.  Providing for affordable housing in Redmond with a variety of housing types is a priority for the City as outlined in our Community Strategic Plan.

See: Housing Action Plan – Housing Needs Assessment

         Housing Action Plan – Public Involvement Report

Comprehensive Plan

Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan establishes the City’s future planning and policy direction, providing a 20-year vision for how the City will grow and develop.  The Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan provides specific guidance to ensure steady progress toward the community’s vision with respect to achieving housing goals.  

The Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated:  the Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that each Washington city and county periodically review, and if needed, revise its comprehensive plan and development regulations as part of a periodic review (RCW 36.70A.130).  The Redmond 2050 update during 2020 – 2023 will be a comprehensive and coordinated approach for completing the required periodic review.