Paws on Patrol

Paws on Patrol badgeAbout Paws on Patrol

Paws on Patrol is a crime awareness program that encourages dog walkers throughout the area to assist as “extra eyes and ears” in the ongoing crime prevention efforts of the Redmond Police Department.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dog walkers throughout Redmond at all times of the day. These walkers are often preoccupied with texting, emailing, music and phone calls during their neighborhood walks.

Did you know that 90% of police arrests are the direct result of a citizen's phone call?

How the Program Works...

The program trains you how to effectively observe and report criminal activity as you are routinely out in your neighborhood.

Those who know the neighborhood best (you) now become more aware and less hesitant to report suspicious activity.

Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity tips to remember:

  • People aren’t suspicious, behavior is!
  • Does the person(s) appear to have a destination?
  • Is the person(s) in a hurry?
  • A person or child resisting the advances of another individual.
  • Unusual behavior: walking to the rear of a property, canvassing, unusual mental or physical symptoms.
  • A vehicle parked in an unusual location.
  • Property in a vehicle (i.e. television, laptop, pillow cases, etc.).
  • Person(s) with no direction walking amongst parked cars.
  • A vehicle traveling at a low or high rate of speed.
  • Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle.

Alerting Authorities

When should I call 911:

  • Any time a police response is needed.
  • Remember, you are not bothering us.

What to do when you call 911…..

  • Tell us the nature of the emergency.
  • What is going on? Description of subject. Weapons? Time of incident?
  • Where are you? Address, street name, landmark, location, etc.
  • Your information: Your name and your phone number.
  • Are you available to speak with an officer?
  • Let the operator ask the questions.
  • Please remain calm and speak clearly.
  • Inadvertently call 911? Don’t hang up.