Redmond & Its Partners

The City of Redmond, along with its partners, is doing many things to address the issue of homelessness. But more needs to happen. Learn how YOU can be part of the solution.

City of Redmond

Government has a role to play in addressing this challenging issue. The City strives for a balanced approach that emphasizes safety and compassion for all. We do this by:

  • Investing in human services programs - such as adult education and job development services - that support people on a path out of homelessness as well as supporting the broad safety net of services. 
  • Bringing together Redmond community members to work on this issue. We have developed a Task Force on Homelessness to address concerns and plans of action.
  • Eastside collaboration of police and human services staff in support of regional strategies for addressing homelessness in our communities.
  • Promoting more affordable housing by requiring 10% of new construction be affordable (not exceeding more than 30% of household income) and by supporting A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH).
  • Hiring a Homeless Outreach Coordinator and collaborating with the Redmond Library (PDF) to provide outreach services in the community.

Community Partners 

  1. Social Service Agencies
  2. Faith Communities
  3. Redmond Library

Social Service Agencies

Local agencies provide a range of services to individuals experiencing homelessness here on the Eastside. Learn more about their work: