Sammamish River Trestle


For many years this area has been the crossroads of two important transportation systems; the Sammamish River and the railroad. Most of the street and road systems in and around Redmond today are here because of these two systems. The trestle is a special location that represents the linkage between these two systems.

Steel panels have been built into the handrails of the trestle that tell the stories of this special place. At the overlooks and at both ends of the trestle panels depict images of the natural and railroad history of this important crossroads. Others share the inspired words of former Poet Laureate Rebecca Meredith.

The panels on the trestle are beautiful though they don’t tell the whole story behind images. Here is where you can dive a little deeper and find out more.

Bridge with directions graphic
  1. Crossing the Sammamish
  2. Water
  3. River
  4. Earth
  5. Crossroads
  6. Rail
  7. Air
  8. All Roads Lead to Redmond

CrossingCrossing the Sammamish (East Portal)

East Portal

All things change and evolve with time and all things have stories to tell, even bridges. The trestle over the Sammamish River has passed through many owners and has been called by many names. Its stories include how one family stood up to the railroad in the early 1900’s. It’s structure has evolved from wood, to steel, to concrete. For decades it carried trains powered by steam and diesel and now carries people driven by their desire to be out in the community.

The companion panel shares the last stanza of a poem by Rebecca Meredith, former Redmond Poet Laureate.