Redmond, in partnership with other Eastside cities and nonprofits, works to ensure that those living unsheltered will have access to services that will support their path to stability. Homelessness is a complex issue which requires the City to bring a compassionate, tailored, and comprehensive set of solutions to address the unique needs of each person. Here’s how the City is actively working to combat homelessness.

City of Redmond Outreach Services partners with Together Center, a private nonprofit organization. Together Center owns and operates an innovative, co-located human services hub in Downtown Redmond. The City of Redmond Outreach Services is one of the more than 20 independent human service nonprofits and agencies serving clients out of Together Center. Together this community of providers offers hundreds of programs and compassionate supports to neighbors in need – from medical and dental care, economic assistance, mental health programs, disability resources, job training, immigration and cultural resources, among many others – all in one location. Through co-location these diverse but otherwise fragmented providers can more effectively collaborate, cross-refer, lower barriers to access, and work together to close service gaps for the more than 30,000 clients who visit the campus every year.  Read more about Together Center’s exciting campus redevelopment by going here: https://togethercenter.org/campus-transformation/